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Here are some videos that may be helpful for troubleshoot any issues you may have

Wire Harness Measurements - https://youtu.be/Yepuzd0NLjsHot

Hot Wire 1 Wire Cut CDI - https://youtu.be/Xo96Nimrs18

Wire Harness Video #2 - https://youtu.be/blLDOirY4gc?t=107

ATV Wont Start:
- Squeeze right front brake lever when starting
- Rear tether attached
- Fuel on
- On switch on
- Battery charged
- Check fuse blown

Wire Info:

Main Wire Harness Out of Engine (5 WIRE SYSTEM DC -- USE LARGER CDI- size of a pack of cards)
Yellow and/or White- Voltage regulator/battery charger/headlights
Green - Ground
Blue/White - Pulse Generator For Ignition (Timing) - CDI
Black/White - Power for Ignition System

CDI Wire Harness (4 Wires) - DC Style
Green - Ground
Red/Black - 12v In
Blue/White - In from Pulse Generator
Black/Yellow - Out to Coil

CDI Wire Harnes (5 Wires) - AC Style
Blue/White - Goes to Pulse Generator
Green - Goes to Pulser
Black/Yellow - to Coil
Black/Red - Go to Stator (60v reading)
Black/White - On/Off Switch (should be one of the center wires in the plug) - Cut to remove

Stator Harness (If AC)

OHM Readings

Engine Wires
Frame 1-2 ohm
Engine .9 to 1-2 ohm
Blk/Red 375 to 400 ohm
Blue/White 135 to 165 ohm

CDI Plug
Blk/Yellow 3 Ohm
Blue/White 135 to 165 ohm
Blk/Red 375 to 400 ohm
Black Open 1 to 2 ohm
Black or Green 1 - 2 ohm