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Well - this can be easily achieved, but understand that the quad may not like the lower engagement, but the rider will while learning.

The basic idea is that the clutch needs to engage where the quad makes torque - this is what is needed to move the quad from a dead stop - "Torque"

The higher the peak rpm the higher the clutch engagement stall usually is - engaging at a lower rpm can cause a slight bog off the line

DO NOT ADJUST YOUR ROLLERS HEAVIER TO LOWER THE STALL - the function of the rollers is to dictate the shift rate from low to high, while the stall will drop with heavier rollers, it will also change the shift rate (Not a good idea)

The 3 little clutch shoe springs generally are changed to adjust the engagement rpm, BUT if you are asking for a lower engagement you are wanting a noticeable change and just changing the springs on the stock clutch won't provide that.

We recommend using a Malossi Fly Clutch where the whole clutch is heavier, which will lower the stall significantly - just changing the shoe springs won't offer that drastic change you are seeking

OEM 112mm ID Clutch Bell: http://www.g-forcepowersports.com/Malossi-Fly-Clu...

Aftermarket 107mm ID Clutch Bell: http://www.g-forcepowersports.com/Malossi-Fly-Clu...