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(01)  Main Wire Harness Assembly (02)  Battery, GTX5L-BS (03)  Lock, Main Switch
(02) Battery, GTX5L-BS
Our Price: $90.16
(03) Lock, Main Switch
Our Price: $39.99
(04)  Clip, Main Switch (05)  Switch, Engine Stop (06)  Rubber Band,Tool Bag, L=100
(04) Clip, Main Switch
Our Price: $6.21
(05) Switch, Engine Stop
Our Price: $32.99
(07)  C.D.I Unit  Low Rev Version (07)  E-yang Racing CDI - Hi Rev New Version (08)  Rectifier & Regulator
(09)  Rectifier & Regulator (10)  Starter Relay, 12V,30A (11)  Ignition Coil
(11) Ignition Coil
Our Price: $49.99
(12)  Tool Box (13)  Strap (14)  Bolt,Pan Phillips, M5x10
(12) Tool Box
Our Price: $9.99
(13) Strap
Our Price: $0.99
(15)  Hex Washer Face Bolt, M6x16 (16)  Hex Washer Face Bolt, M6x12 (16)  Hex Washer Face Bolt, M6x12
(17)  Rubber Band, Battery

These parts may also fit the following racing mini quads 2 stroke 50cc Apex 50cc Artic Cat Polaris 50cc Eton 50cc Kasea 50cc ATV Can Am 2 stroke 50cc ATV, Kymco 50cc atvs, Standard Motors and Borosa plus most minarelli Horizontal scooter engines. The parts can also be used to upgrade Racing Scooters for the following Yamaha scooters as the Yamaha jog, Yamaha Zuma , Kymco scooters only 2 stroke two Eton two-stroke scooters, Kasea scooters and standard motor 50cc scooters. You must check fitment before ordering to ensure the parts will work on your 50cc scooter or ATV.