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KTM/Husky/Cobra Billet Aluminum Gas Cap - Nihilo Billet Aluminum Gas Cap - Nihilo

KTM/Husky/Cobra Billet Aluminum Gas Cap - Nihilo Concepts

The New Nihilo Concepts billet gas cap is an awesome addition to your bike. Made from 6061 billet aluminum and anodized to match your brand the Nihilo cap was designed to work with the stock rubber insert so you can be sure of a tight seal. This cap will fit all KTM/Husky 50’s, Cobra 50’s and 65 as well as lots of other brands with a 48mm male threaded spout. The larger breather hole insures a good flow of fuel into the carburetor. Give you bike that factory look while improving the function at the same time.

Our Price: $39.95
Billet Clutch Cover KTM/Husqvarna 50 - Nihilo Billet Clutch Cover - Nihilo


With the introduction of the new 2013-2017 KTM 50SX clutch, comes a new innovative Nihilo Clutch cover. The 2013-17 KTM 50 clutch is now fully adjustable by turning three clickers on the front of the clutch allowing the rider to fine tune the clutch feel with a wrench. No more dis-assembly and stacking shims to get the clutch right. With the new Nihilo KTM Clutch cover you will be able to turn the clickers through a small port in the side of the cover. Unlike in stock form where the cover must be removed to make clutch adjustments the Nihilo cover can remain in place and the bike can even be sitting on a bike stand. The adjustment port is above the oil line so there is no need to drain the oil or lay the bike on its side. One 8mm socket or T wrench removes the billet plug and makes the clutch adjustments. The adjuster bolts are lined up with the port hole by first turning the back wheel to align the basket with the port hole then pushing the kick starter to line the bolt up with the basket hole. Next you simply make the clicker adjustment then push through the kicker to move the next bolt into the window. Complete on the fly adjustments can be done in just a few minutes. The cover holds 50cc more oil which will help with oil temps and uses the stock “O-ring gasket. If you are a new KTM 50 owner this is a must have item, get the most out of the new adjustable clutch with the addition of the Nihilo Clutch Cover. This same billet cover comes stock on all 2013-17 KTM 50SXS’s Custom Engraving available

Our Price: $149.95
Ignition Cover KTM/Husqvarna 50 - Nihilo Ignition Cover - Nihilo


The Nihilo Concepts Billet Ignition Cover for the KTM 50 SX/Jr. fits tightly against the cases and does not allow water and dust to get to the stator and flywheel. The plastic cover leaks and allows dust and water to come in contact with delicate electrical components. The Nihilo cover comes complete with heavy duty gasket and mounting hardware. The cover is legal in all AMA and NMA stock classes. This is the same cover that comes stock on the KTM 50 SXS it is manufactured by Nihilo Concepts for KTM North America.
  • Legal in all AMA and NMA stock classes
  • Comes with heavy duty gasket and mounting bolts
  • Made from 6061 Billet aluminum for strength and long life
  • Fits tightly against cases not allowing water and dust to get into the stator
  • Please allow a few days for engraving

Our Price: $149.95
KTM 50 Short Throw Front Brake Lever- Nihilo Short Throw Front Brake Lever

The KTM SX 50 and Mini 50 are the best in class for the small beginner rider but the front brake lever can be a little hard to reach for most kids. Nihilo Concepts has designed a replacement lever that is about 5/8” closer to the grip and it can even be adjusted closer if needed. Teaching a young rider the benefits of using the front brake is one of the most important fundamentals of riding a motorcycle. The front brake provides 70% of the bikes braking power and when used properly and learned early will make everyone a better rider. If the rider cannot reach the lever they will just use back brake and that will help form bad habits that are hard to break as they move up the ranks. The Nihilo lever is made from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum and anodized orange to match your KTM, pick one up today and start teaching proper breaking technique to your young rider.

Our Price: $59.95